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01/07/2008: "#105: It's Next Year"

Music: Ghostface Killah
Mood: determined

Well, here we are in 2008. I am about to start editing, but before I begin, I wanted to procrastinate just a little bit more while I drink my coffee and get psyched up.

Now that the holidays are truly over, it seems like a good enough time to begin the New Year. I enjoyed my holidays; lots of OT at work with interludes of relaxation and contemplation. I am ready to embrace the new year and run headlong into the future. I have chosen to embrace the opportunity of the future, this new life that I have here in Seattle.

The book represents this future. The book is an idea that I have been actively writing about since 1999. I made some great steps but I did not have a plan or truly apply myself so nothing really got done. Then I made the decision to focus and write the book. I wrote the book. Now I have to finish editing it. Then I can get it published. The sooner I finish editing it the sooner it will be published.

I have to focus. Can it get any simpler than that?

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