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01/16/2008: "#108: A Year"

Music: Beastie Boys
Mood: proud

One year ago today, I sat down in front of my computer and began writing the first chaper of my manuscript. I had written the first chapter a bunch of times, but this was the first time I stuck with it and six months later, I had written a book. Very few things have given me the feeling that I got when I typed the last sentence. It was confirmation to myself that my decision to structure my life in order to pursue my artistic endeavors was totally right and that as long as I saw the book through to the end, things would change.

I wanted to finish this edit by today. That didn't happen, but I did edit today and have now edited 12 chapters out of 20, or 60% of the manuscript. I have edited 9 chapters in less than a month. I'm making time to edit and getting it done, and if I stay on this pace it will be done in a very short time. All that matters is that I am doing it right now.

I don't want to look at not finishing the edit by today as a failure. I want to celebrate the fact that I wrote a book this year, and this time next year, who knows? Maybe I'll be on Jay Leno promoting it.

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