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01/11/2008: "#107: Plowing Ahead Like Mr. Plow"

Music: Tarbox Ramblers

I edited yesterday and today, making a great deal of progress. On Wednesday, I did not edit, but I did go to the gym and did a bunch of chores. Optimally, I should be able to edit, exercise, and do my daily duties. If I write this in a few minutes and get in gear, I should be able to make it to the gym and do the errands I need to do before I go to work tonight. As "Bob"'ll tell ya, it's all about time control.

So far I have edited nine out of twenty chapters. Some of these chapters are wicked long, some are wicked short. Either way, that leaves me with eleven more chapters to edit in five days. It seems like a lot, but then again I seem to do better when I have structure and deadlines.

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