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01/08/2008: "#106: The Day After"

Music: Medeski, Martin & Wood
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After I posted yesterday, I edited for a couple of hours. Progress was made. During the editing session, however, I realized that it was January. I started the book last January 16th. Today is January 8th, 2008, so that gives me 8 days until the one year mark. This realization lit a fire under my ass. The thought of writing and editing my first book in a year is really satisfying.

I am also considering applying to the Clarion West Workshop, and the early date for submissions is February 1, so I need to stay on top of that. I am definitely attending Potlatch, a 3-day sci-fi writers event put on by the same folks who run Clarion West. There's no sense in going to a sci-fi writers convention if I don't have something for folks to read, eh? The amazing bit is that both Clarion West and Potlatch take place here in Seattle! There's a whole SF community that I have yet to tap into! Who've thought?

So for all these reasons and more, I'm going to move up my deadlines to January 16th. Stay tuned!

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