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12/31/2007: "#104.1"

Music: Bob Dylan
Mood: looking towards 2008

I said in my last post that I would inform people of the progress of the editing. I have edited by hand on a print-out but I haven't taken my edits and put them into the computer file yet. I believe that editing by hand first gives you two opportunities to look through what you have written. When I'm sitting there at a table with a pencil and paper, I'm using a different part of my editor brain. I know that this two-step editing process works for me because I reread the three chapters that have undergone the process and I am really excited about what I have written. I can honestly say that when I am finished with this edit, and then do a final manuscript formatting and final spelling and punctuation check, it will be ready to send out to agents and pubishers.

In other news, I thought about the fact that I had spent six months writing the manuscript. I started editing in October, so that means that if I keep the same timetable, the manuscript should be ready to send out by March 2008. This seems like a great goal. The sooner the better of course, but taking everything that I need to do realistically into account, it now gives me a concrete goal to work towards.

See ya next year!

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