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11/04/2004: "The 2004 Election: The White State Vote"

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Yesterday I voted along with millions of my fellow citizens, who chose their sides, red or blue, Bush or Kerry. The difference is that I did not vote for either candidate. I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik, because I wanted to lodge a protest vote. I wanted no part of this choice. I wanted everyone who reduced this to a red state- blue state thing that to remember that there is a third "color" in the "flag" of the United States: the white state.

I did not think Bush deserved a second term. If the Democratic Party, which has been hijacked by the PC thugs as much as the Republicans have been by the religious right, had run a candidate who I thought presented his case in an inspiring manner, I would have voted for their candidate. Unfortunately, they ran John Kerry.

The ship that is the Democratic Party has been steered onto the rocks by a dedicated minority of liberals. The people who say that this is "the most important election of their lives," I ask you, where were you in 2000? Al Gore playing the victim card instead of having the grace to concede defeat like Richard Nixon in 1960, hobbled Bush's Presidency with this bullshit claim of "illegitimacy" at the time when America most needed credibility. These blue state people look with disdain on the people who live in the red states and have no respect for them. How are you supposed to build a coalition to lead the country if you have contempt for the values of the majority of the population?

I have been reading a lot about Nixon lately, and his "Silent Majority" coalition that finally convinced the South to vote Republican instead of Democrat seems all the more important in light of the recent election.

The Democratic Party ran a Bob Dolean candidate in Kerry- a retread from another age. The younger people need to get involved on all levels in politics, because the people who represents both parties do not represent the values of anyone I know, yet no one will fucking participate! I hope this election persuades all the people who have been whining and complaining for the last 4 years that they have to get off the couch if they want anything to change.

The best thing about this election from a white state perspective is that one of the candidates won by a clear margin, this was reflected in the Electoral College, and the opponent conceded gracefully and without violence, proving to the world that democracy works.

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