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11/06/2004: "2004 Presidential Election: Results of Third Party Candidates"

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Since no major news outlet will give detailed coverage of the full results of the 2004 Election, here are the results as they concern the third party candiates. I compiled this information from Wikipedia, President Elect, and the Los Angeles Times. My congratuations to the million voters who refused to knuckle under to the two-party system.

NameParty# of Votes%Ballot Access
Ralph NaderReform/ Independent 400,7060.34%34 + DC
Michael Badnarik Libertarian 381,2700.33%48 + DC
Michael Peroutka Constitution 130,9860.11%36
David CobbGreen106,2640.09%27 + DC
Leonard PeltierPeace & Freedom 21,6160.02%1
Other VariousN/A 13,0110.01%0
Third Parties Total: 1,053,853 .90% Electoral Votes: 0


on Thursday, November 11th, santo26 said:

very slick! thank you!

on Thursday, November 11th, santo26 said:

I also wanted to note that the two states that the Libertarian Party did not get access was in Oklahoma and New Hampshire. I can't quite comment on the state of the LP in Oklahoma, but isn't New Hampshire where the Free State Project chose to settle? Didn't Craig Benson, a Free State supporter, get absolutely walloped in the NH Gubernatorial election? Defintely one to grow on...

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