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10/26/2004: "What is the Athenaverse?" Founded 2000 A.D. Always evolving. Stay tuned.

more Founded 2000 A.D. Always evolving. Stay tuned. has been around in some form since 2000. Over the course of's long and interesting life, it has served many purposes: a site for my currently defunct film and video production company, a hosting service for a variety of interesting sites, and since 2004, has mainly served as a personal blog that has occasionally sparked to life every few months.

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I'd like to announce a new direction for the Athenaverse. I recently completed my first year of the Information Management graduate program at the University of Washington. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to starting my professional career in this field. What is information management? That is a great question and one of the many topics that I will talk about as I begin this new incarnation of the Athenaverse.

As of August 16, 2010, is an information management blog. After a year of studying this subject, I am ready to talk intelligently about this subject. Not to worry, old school fans! I will still occasionally talk about my how my writing career is going and post links to my freelance articles. For the most part, however, I will use this space to talk about information management topics that I find interesting.

I hope that you will enjoy this new phase of the Athenaverse's long and interesting life.

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Founded in 2000 for a completely different purpose, is currently a blog by someone who is in the process of getting his first novel written, edited, and published and all the other stuff that will happen in between.

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The Athenaverse was founded in 2000. At first it was merely a billboard in cyberspace for a company. In 2002, it became a portal to a variety of exciting internet projects. For the last few years it has limped along without a purpose.

I just finished writing a book and will document the entire publishing process in this space.

The Athenaverse was founded in 2000. I periodically post about things that I find interesting, but there is a lot to explore. Take a gander and enjoy.

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The Athenaverse was established in 2000 and has served many purposes over the years, but I have always considered it as a safe data haven that provides services to a select group of users. In the future, encryption and the right to privacy on the internet will become a serious issue. The athenaverse has been around since the "internet gold rush" era when there was hardly any internet regulations or taxes or codes of conduct. Between the internet restiction laws that they are considering in Washington and the internet police in China, it is not looking good for the future. Millions of my generation are busy trolling for booty online and watching "American Idol," pacific consumers who willingly trade in their freedom in the name of fighting terrorism.

I am faced with a choice: do I continue to waste my time online or will I spend it fighting the good fight? I do have a lot to say, and this the place where I can say it. I was never really interested in talking about my personal life in front of the world. I'd rather fight the future like Locke and Demosthenes.

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Well, here it is, the third incarnation of the Athenaverse. The first, a billboard on the internet for a small business. The second, a dignified small business website. Underneath the facade, however, was a bunch of top- secret internet experiments.

Now, the small business is no more, but there are a whole bunch of forward- thinking websites that are powered under the domain, which is all that remains. I'm glad I could provide the bandwidth and play a small, non- computer programming part in having these sites available to the world. But the question is, what do I do with this website that I founded? I am looking forward to using the Athenaverse as my amphitheatre of the internet. After four years, I can finally just have a website.

So what am I going to fnord?

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