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05/13/2006: "Hollywood Ministry"

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This morning, the St. Vincent de Paul group that I belong to put on a lunch for the homeless in our neighborhood. This is only the second one that we have done, and we are getting better at it. Our church is in the middle of Hollywood.

If you told me seven months ago that I would be feeding the homeless in Hollywood I'd've...I don't know what i would have thought. I started going back to (Catholic) church seven months ago after not going for a long time. It has been a great experience and a great way to meet the people in your community.

I met a guy who was on leave from the Navy who used to come to the church when he was growing up. He has been to Iraq three times. I asked him if he thinks they are doing good over there and he said yes. He says the troops don't like the politicians and the media and how they only focus on the negative and the never report on how they are building roads and schools. He said that after World War II, Japan didn't get better right away, and that you can't expect things to get rebuilt overnight. But they are making progress.

It was pretty crazy to here this from a sailor in front of a church in the middle of Hollywood but I guess the truth is the truth no matter where you are.

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