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05/16/2006: "Chow Daddy Has A Posse"

Music: Folk Implosion
Mood: amused

Just so you know, I want to broaden the scope of my postings here on the Athenaverse. In that spirit, I invite you to check out and download Chow Daddy. Sometimes you Google the randomest things, and that is how I discovered that Chow Daddy lives. Chow Daddy was a PSA produced in the mid-late '80s and shown in the Boston area. While the intent was to encourage the young viewers of "Mighty Mouse" and "G.I. Joe" to eat school lunches, the effect was to indoctrinate a generation of Boston kids to fall down in heaps of laughter anytime someone says "Pizzzza...Spaaaghetti...Burrgerrs...Deserrrt."

Many thanks to ~aclopezjr for having the foresight to tape the commercials on Channel 56 one afternoon 20 years ago.

So where do I get a Chow Daddy T-shirt???

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