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05/12/2006: "An Independent Voter"

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So I have been reading an article about Bush nominating the NSA General who oversaw massive wipretapping to be the head of the CIA in the same week that Congress is passing bills that would change network neutrality and ban libraries and schools from using instant communication software and myspace -esque sites? Who can support the guy after this? Not me, I never really did except on two issues: freeing Iraq from Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan from al-Qaeda (sp? who cares?), and going to Mars. You see, this whole Iraq thing, people, we're gonna have to deal with it now, and suggestions are encouraged, but you see, we can't go back, the die was cast when we invaded their country in 1991 with the blessing and help of the entire free world. Like Mr. Pink said in Reservoir Dogs "I didn't create this situation (Bush), I'm dealing with it!"

Did anyone ever doubt that a surveillance program like this has existed and has done so since 1952, but the technology has gotten better, where do yo think all your tax money goes to? The whole thing is, why did the CIA director abruptly quit, then Bush, facing opposition from all sides, is admitting that Carnivore exists, and yes, just like I thought, they are recording my thoughts. You know that time you spent 15 minutes on the phone that one time? Yeah, you know, that one. Well, Uncle Sam knows too, unless you have Qwest (excuse me, where do I sign up?). Why is Bush nominating the General who was the head of this whole program to head the CIA, which has always acted as a counterweight to the Armed Forces. But then again, the CIA was the one that started the whole business in Iran with the Shah, which led to the rise of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni and the Hostage crisis, the Iran-Iraq War, Desert Storm, Operation Desert Fox, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Whatever is going on is so sinister-looking that I have to register my lack of support for the President. One party controls Congress, and it has amassed a humungous debt and is trying to pass Internet and Immigration bills in the dead of the night with the full complicity of the media that is too busy obsessing over Lindsay Lohan and American Idol instead of the hard news. They call it hard news because it is so hard, so sobering. Yes, they taped your votes to American Idol! Doesn't that make you angry? Do you even care anymore as long as your TV is big enough?

So right now I am registered as an Independent. I believe that George Washington was right, there shouldn't be political parties, or at least permanent ones. Permanent ones lead to politicians acting like lords over their Congressional District fiefdoms, above their constituents as surely as any baron was above his subjects. Why should I support any one party? If you are voting the party line, you are having a lot of faith in the beliefs of some nebulous media creation called your political party. I believe in voting for the best person for each individual post regardless of party affiliation. If you vote for a party, you are not voting for the individual. There is nothing in the Delcaration Of Independence or the Constitution about political parties. There were none to begin with. George Washington was a...? So why should I care about them now?

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