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04/24/2006: "You Better Recognize The Armenian Genocide!"

As I was driving home from work down Wilshire Boulevard, I saw a car bedecked in orange, blue, and red with young men standing out of the sunroof waving the Armenian flag. I gave them an enthusiastic honk or two and a hearty thumbs-up. I, of course, having been born and raised in Watertown, MA, knew what they were doing- but do you?

April 24 is the date of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, which occurred from 1915-1917 in Turkey. The government of Turkey officially carried out a policy of extermination of the Armenians. Men, women, and children were driven from their homes and over 1.5 million Armenians were brutally raped, maimed and killed. The Turkish government did their best to make sure no pictures or media reports got out about this, but a few brave souls made it out alive to tell the tale. Hitler used the Genocide as a model for his plan against the Jews, saying "After all, who remembers the Armenians?"

What is even more fucked up than the fact that this atrocity occurred is that very few people are even aware that it happened. There are many governments who do not use the term "genocide" to desribe what happened, which include America, Israel (yes, Israel does not recognize), and other countries with close military and/or economic ties with Turkey, who denies that it happened at all. There are a lot of intellectuals who are "Genocide deniers" as well, but noone cares as much about them as they do about "Holocaust deniers," who can be put in jail in some European countries for daring to do so.

Personally, I have seen evidence. I have met Genocide survivors. I believe- no, I KNOW that it actually happened. I suggest that you do some research and see the truth for yourself.

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on Wednesday, April 26th, IBNR said:

I am currently staying at a Hotel in the fine state of Kentucky, when I happened to catch a documentary on the Armenian Genocide (local PBS channel) I am sure most people in Kentucky don't know what or who a Armenian is. It is amazing how many high level Turkish officials deny that the genocide took place with a straight face. They refuse to take responsibility for the Ottoman empires actions. They refer to it as random casualties of war, and claim the Armenian people were the aggressors. On a side note at the Armenian museum in Watertown, MA you can learn about groups of Armenians who were able to protect their villages from the Turks who were planning on taking the villagers on death marches to present day Iraq.

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