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04/06/2006: "Looking Back, Looking Forward"

It has been an interesting day. I re-read all the posts on the Athenaverse since the rebooting in the fall of 2004. All of the posts have made since I have lived in California, which I knew already but it was fascinating to read these mental snapshots of what I was thinking or feeling, and have shared with the world. I even found a lost comment someone from my past made over a year ago that I never saw until today. If people want to find me, they know where I am- right here.

After all this positive thinking I have been doing, I allowed a little chink in my armor and all the negativity and paranoia seeped right back in. The difference was that this time I was able to pick up on what I was doing, and was able to get myself back in harmony. I closed myself off temporarily with my negative thinking. Not this time.

I got a job today, bills will be paid, another chapter in my life will begin tomorrow. So why did I let myself worry? Exactly.

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