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02/09/2005: "Who Observes The Observatory?"

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Observatory1 (333k image)

Griffith Observatory as seen from Hollywood Boulevard

This afternoon, I finished watching "American Splendor" and had to return it to the video store. While I was out, I wanted to get a good picture of the Griffith Observatory. I see it every day from my window, silently watching over Hollywood. I think the Observatory would look really awesome as a temple- like background for the Athenaverse so I walked, hoping to get a good shot that wasn't blocked by trees, power lines, or buildings. Finally, I made it to Hollywood Boulevard and got this picture.

I am pretty proud of myself as I have never walked so far North. Hollywood Boulevard is about 2 miles from my place, and I have never really walked around there. Driving down Hollywood Boulevard and walking down it are two entirely different experiences. At the corner of Western and Hollywood, I discovered a real hole- in- the- wall breakfast place I'm going to try out sometime next to an Out Of The Closet thrift store. I picked up a cool orange polo shirt, a pair of shoes that fit me perfectly (I had been looking for a decent pair of work shoes, but it seems they have found me!), and a mint paperback version of the "Articles of Impeachment Against President Nixon" all for the low- low price of $10.75, and all the proceeds go towards AIDS research.

I went to the video store and finally made it home after a round trip of about 5 miles. Anyone who says you can't walk anywhere in Los Angeles is only sort of right. LA is made up of a bunch of disconnected settlements that were eventually linked together by major roads and highways. If you want to explore the area that you find yourself in, the sidewalks are rather ample and nearly deserted. There are crosswalks at all the intersections, and the weather is perfect for walking year round. Los Angeles is full of all sorts of amazing stuff like the Griffith Observatory, but most people don't seem to want to slow down for a minute and appreciate any of it.

In other news, my magic beans and everyone else's plants are sprouting and looking good. Pretty soon our balcony will become an urban garden. Who would have thought you could have a little farm in the middle of Hollywood?


on Friday, February 11th, awiggins said:

Out Of The Closet *snicker*
Orange Polo Shirt *snicker*

big grin

Free HBO this week. I think I will watch American Splendor tonight as a matter of fact.

on Monday, February 14th, santo26 said:

American Splendor is a great movie- and a great comic book. It is definitely one of the comics that can actually be considered serious literature. Harvey Pekar is the man.

on Monday, February 14th, prof said:

I do consider myself a nerd.

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