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02/03/2005: "Don't Panic"

Music: sStatechange, vol. I
Mood: better

In an effort to change how I feel when I am not at work, I decided to follow some wise advice EJ gave me the other day. He advised me to listen to the goofiest, happiest music possible to totally change the mood when I'm going home, decompress on the commute, and not think about it once I got home. This morning, after watering my magic beans, I burned a new mix which starts off with the "Theme From The Banana Splits," a song that recalls for me fond childhood memories of watching Channel 56.

An article I read yesterday made me realize I have to try and change my behavior. A couple of days ago, Rudy Tomjanovich resigned as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers after not even half a season. I'm not a Lakers fan- and never will be (Larry Bird 4- EVA!)- but instead of feeling glee over the meltdown of a rival basketball team, I honestly felt for Rudy T. The guy is a Championship- level coach who has beat cancer, but the stress of coaching the Lakers was such that he couldn't stop thinking about work, and his condition worsened to the point where he got a nasty stomach virus, which prompted him to reevaluate his priorities.

At work, we are playing a trailer for "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" in which the Earth explodes. Then the image freezes and the words "Don't Panic" are emblazoned across the ruins of the planet. There is nothing to panic about at work. The theatre has been open for 39 years and counting without me. I have learned how to do it now. It is just work.

This new mix that I am listening to as I write this is full of all the songs that make me feel happy. If I change my mood when I leave work, and find fun things to do when I'm not there, like keep up this website, it might be the beginning of fixing this problem. After all, nobody was going to make me burn a mix or play it when I leave work tonight.


on Tuesday, February 8th, The Guide said:

Never leave home without your towel.

on Monday, February 14th, Towlie said:

Don't forget to bring a towel.

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