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02/02/2005: "Brian's Magic Beans, Part I"

MagicBeans1 (374k image)
Valentine II (L), with Brian's Magic Beans (R)

A couple of months ago, Laura got some lemon verbena sprouts from her friends, and they were left on the porch to fend for themselves. I discovered that only one of them really survived the trip up from San Diego, and it wasn't doing too well, so I kept watering it to see what would happen. To my surprise, it went from nearly dead to sprouting new leaves. I named this plant Valentine II, after the first plant which I rescued from near death.

This incident rekindled everyone's interest in urban gardening, so Laura went out and bought some seeds, dirt, tables, and pots. I decided to try my hand at growing Little Marvel Peas. We put the seeds in ziplock lunch bags with a wet paper towel inside and let them sprout, which took a few weeks. At first, EJ and Laura's bags of seeds seemed to be sprouting. Mine didn't look so hot, but I kept watering them. Before I would even get my coffee, I'd go out and water Valentine II and check on my peas, which have erroneously been nicknamed Brian's Magic Beans.

Yesterday after my last post, I transplanted the 34 peas which had sprouted into a pot, and started a new batch of seeds a-sproutin'. It was pretty exciting to see how many seeds had come alive. Hopefully, this new hobby will hopefully provide a welcome diversion to my concerns at work.

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