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01/19/2007: "Martin Dimino Has A pOsse"

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martinbrian1991_2 (239k image)
Portrait Of The Artists As Young Men, Circa 1991
Earlier this afternoon, I talked with one of my oldest friends, Martin Dimino. He told me how he is a reader of the Athenaverse and that he has finally gone digital himself and put up his own site, While the site is still under construction, it promises to be one of the best fucking sites on the Internet.

Martin, in addition to being a great friend and inspiration, is one of the great artists, both in terms of literary and artistic accomplishments, that I have ever met. He has also been a supporter of my various artistic endeavors through the years and even introduced me to the Sex Pistols, Ramones, and Lemonheads back around the time the above photo was taken.

Martin is also one of the reasons that the Athenaverse has been recently resuscitated and will bloom to life once more in the coming weeks. I suggest you check his site regularly in addition to the Athenaverse.


on Monday, January 22nd, Martin Dimino said:

Been reading Hester. Sure is a gas. Second paragraph alone is a mini-tour de force. Funny as hell. After hearing so much about the story, seeing really is believing. This is going to be a hot one Brian.

on Friday, February 2nd, awiggins said:

I dig the pic. smile

on Sunday, March 11th, Unknown said:

download film interi

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