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01/19/2007: "Unity08:Third Party of the Future?"

from The Atlantic Monthly

In a move that has interested this dissatisfied voter who is willing to vote for third parties, a group called Unity08 has appeared on the political horizon. Unity08 is made of up of former GOP & Dem strategists who are sickened by the political process they helped to create and are attempting to harness the power of the internet for change. Their plan:get ballot access in all 50 states, and have their registered users not only draw up a political platform but hold their nomination online. The catch is the ticket has to be bipartisan.

This sounds like a pretty interesting idea to me. I not only appreciate how the process could provide away for the disenfranchised to have a say in politics, but that since the party is running no specific candidate, the candidate has to accept the nomination. Definitely a website worth watching, especially considering the next Presidential election is 28 months away.

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