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03/07/2006: "3 Weeks And Counting..."

Mood: improving

It just occurred to me that I have been back in LA for just over three weeks now. This was such the right move. Sure I've been sleeping on an air mattress lately, but I got a good temp job this morning, a couple of solid leads for positions in the film distribution world, and my general outlook on life has improved tremendously. I got to go to Gallifrey One, my first Doctor Who convention, a Lebowski Fest, gone hiking in Griffith Park multiple times, and have for the most part been able to maintain my positive outlook on life.
Although it would be easy to say so, I don't regret the time I spent up in Humboldt at all. It got me to where I am now mentally, which is a vast improvement to the way things were going.

The bills are coming due, and it made me realize several things: this site and its offshoots have been around for awhile, and it was money well spent. The Sawin's Pond page has been read by many folks and has broadened some minds. My mind is clear and I want to write again so I hope this site will be filled with more content in the days and weeks to come. Doctor Who is back on American TV, Nomar is playing for the Dodgers- things are looking up!

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