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05/17/2005: "Oneironaut26 Reporting For Duty"

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Mood: lucid

I have been reading "Lucid Dreaming" (2005) by Dr. Stephen La Berge. This book is a concise version of the ideas Dr. La Berge has covered in two previous, and slightly larger ones, "Lucid Dreaming" (1985) and "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming" (1990). I read the other books when I was living in Waltham a few years ago and until I moved, I chronicled my dreams extensively and had many lucid dreams. I incorporated some of them into short stories that I have been using as the basis for a book I am writing/ was writing but haven't written anything for months.

Since I moved to Los Angeles, I have not been dreaming like I had been before, and my dream notebook lay there next to the bed with only a few entries. The whole time, I had been feeling like something was wrong but I couldn't quite figure it out. Job dissatisfaction? LA dissatisfaction?

Last week, Laura and I visited Arcata, CA for a mini- vacation to celebrate her birthday/ our three- year (!) anniversary. While I was there, I had quite a few dreams which I had to write down. It became quite clear that this was one of the things that was missing from my life, so I got the aforementioned book out of the library. I had two lucid dreams this morning, and I feel so much better. I have also started writing again. Perhaps if I do things I want to do outside of work, I won't care so much about it when I am not there.

Have you had a lucid dream today?

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