Friday, January 27th

Flip Trip With Fantasia

the last 72 hours have brought a lot of change. i guess that's what happens when you don't sleep. you see, after laura and i broke up, i had to find another place to live. so i found one right away for the right place in a town i wanted to live in. the only problem is that the problems got switched around. when i was with her, i could sleep during the day but it was stressful when i was awake. now over here, my roomate has a cockatoo. the bird sqwawks all day until you pay attention to it, and then i get to sleep maybe 2 hours before it does it again. i tried to deal with it until i finally ended up screaming at the bird.

the next day i realized that the bird doesn't really know whether its day or night either. and i realized something. i have been up here 6 months, and i gave it a try. she is up here and is happy, and i need to go back to LA and give it a true honest try. the first time i wanted to do things on my own terms and didn't quite think i was ready so i went back to boston and owned my own film business, made a silent movie on film, worked professionally as a videographer, projectionist and film archivist. soon it became apparent that if i wanted to get more work i had to go back, just like i always said i would someday and nobody really believed me. but then i did, and while i had an interesting job, laura was not happy there. i moved up here with her to give it a try, do something i had always wanted to do (live in a rural area). it didn't work out with her, and i had just moved into a new place, and i was searching for a new job, had a standing job offer, and had an interview yesterday for the position i had applied for before i left LA 6 months ago.

i called and cancelled the interview, and gave my notice to both my jobs. who was i foolin'? building a cabin in the woods is a good idea, but right now, i have to go back to LA and think positively. i need to engage the world, not retreat from it. i needed this sabatical from my old life, from LA. i needed to clear my head, i got in touch with my spiritual needs, and the answer was right there.

i'm ready to roll up and gorilla pimp the mutha, quite frankly. this website is called the athenaverse for a reason. it all began with a group of film headz collaborating on getting a movie made based on a little script called "Athena" that I wrote in 1999. as it is in the science- fiction vein, my original conception of the creature named Athena involved trying to find enough of a budget to make the special effects that would be needed. in 2006, i can make the creature CGI and shoot it for a much lower cost.

the athenaverse is changing yet again, my friends, oh yes...
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Friday, January 20th

The Right Not To Work

Well here we are, 20 days late, my first entry of 2006 S.O.D.M.P.A.U. (System Of Dating Most People Agree Upon). One of my New Year's Resolutions that I made in the dark this year (spent New Year's w/o power due to a crazy storm) was to write at least 1 hour a day, no matter what it is about, just to get back in the habit. The only problem with that has been my work schedule- between working at the library and the graveyard shift at the drugstore, I hardly have time to sleep. This schedule is not fit for man nor beast, but you do what you have to do when you move somewhere new. Unfortunately, I put off the job search for a new and improved single full time gig due to my recent relationship disintegration and the subsequent need to find a new place to live. I found a nice place in McKinleyville (the original name of the town was Minorville but was changed in honor of slain then-President William McKinley), but then the "Holidays" hit so I found myself being worked pretty hard at the drugstore.

Once the holidays ended, I began searching in earnest for a new job. I have an interview this afternoon, and another next week for a possible promotion at the library. The only problem is that the last couple of weeks, I have been taking on extra work at both jobs due to people being sick/randomly moving to Reno. Last night, after I got out of the library I felt like complete shit so I called in sick to the drugstore. The Assistant Manager chewed me out for calling in sick so late (a valid point, but I thought I might be able to work up until I called). I was pretty infuriated and said nothing. It took him a second for him to realize he was chewing out an employee who had until then never called in sick, worked all the holidays, and covered shifts when the fuck-ups they hired mysteriously quit w/o giving any notice. By then it was too late.

I chewed out for trying to take care of myself. I didn't want to show up for this interview looking like more of a zombie than I already am. Thank God that I have a college degree and that working the graveyard shift for this foolish corporation is just a minor setback for me. I am not stuck there for the rest of my life. I got a chance to go to (and complete) my education and I am considering going back for more, and this job is just a whole lot of negative reinforcement about what could happen if you're not careful. Everyone has a right to NOT go to work. I am not the property of this corporation. This little conversation turned the fire under my ass to get out of there into a full-fledged 5 alarm blaze. I can do better than this and if everything goes my way, I won't be there a month from today.

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