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12/01/2009: "#146: So How's The Book Goin'?"

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Q: How is the book going?
A: I finished editing the manuscript in September before classes began. Other than correcting punctuation and spelling mistakes, I am finished. At some point, you just have to say, you know what, it's finished. If I tinker with this book any further, I will be like George Lucas with "Star Wars." I'm glad I did because getting used to going to school plus a ton of life changes including leaving my job and moving sure ate into my editing time. Before school began, I also researched literary agents who specialize in science fiction and came up with my top 5, and selected the one I will contact first. I got these names out of a quite useful book called the Guide to Literary Agents. It is put out annually by Writer's Digest, and the last few editions have been written by a guy named Chuck Sambuchino who writes the Guide to Literary Agents blog that I found while preparing this. While I didn't check it out too deeply yet , it looks very informative. I have the 2008 edition of the Guide and have found that the information even in a slightly out-of-date, dog-eared copy is still quite useful. The thing is that the book is a great starting point, but you have to do the internet legwork yourself, do some background research on the agent, make sure their contact info is still current, and most importantly, that they are interested in representing the genre you are writing in.

I need to buckle down and get my query letter together. I have an old friend that is looking to become a literary agent who said she would look at my letter and I have been remiss in getting it done and sent out to her. Thanks again, and I will send it to you ASAP!

I also realized I need to get my name out there and generate more interest in this blog. I need to get with the facebook, linkedin, etc. times! Hopefully that will come with the remodel.

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