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11/16/2009: "#143:A Report From Last Night's Hipster-Free KISS Concert"

Music: KISS

Last night, an old friend and I went to see KISS at the Key Arena in Seattle. It became immediately obvious that there were almost no hipsters in attendance, which was quite refreshing. How could you be a hipster at a KISS concert? I say that it is impossible as KISS has, and always will be, completely un-ironic. The fans were just there to see KISS and to have a good, irony-free time while proudly proclaiming their allegiance in the KISS Army. The second-best moment of the night had to be when two guys dressed in full KISS costumes snuck behind the concession stand and posed for pictures with the concession workers. The best part, of course, was the KISS Army Patrol reunion. And seeing KISS, of course.

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