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10/21/2008: "#130:A Moratorium On Political Noise"

Mood: relieved

Yesterday I was driving to work and listening to the radio when I had an epiphany. Enough! I turned off the newspinion and tried to find some solace in some music, or at least a commercial for vinyl siding. I did not want to hear another word about the "two" presidential candidates or anything else political for that matter. It struck me how the non-stop barrage of opinions, jokes, and brickbats being hurled by all sides had completely obscured what the politicians who are running for office stand for.

I have decided to do everything in my power to not read, listen or watch anything about any political race between now and the election. The only exceptions to this are reading the actual party platforms, official positions of the candidates themselves, and the actual texts of the initiatives on the ballot. The rest is all mental junk food. While I have known this all along, it has gotten to the point that it sickens me. I have not made my mind up on a host of races and questions. I refuse to be scared or goaded into voting for a particular candidate for any reason. Since I take my vote very seriously, I want to give it the attention it deserves. If you want to meet me in person and have a debate, that's great, but I will no longer listen to the opinions of strangers who are not directly talking to me. I have some very important things to think about for the next few weeks, and I don't need the distraction. I can only pray that I (and everyone else) make the correct choices.

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