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05/21/2008: "#117: Writing Update"

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Last Friday at the Shining Creamsicles meeting, one of my short stories was critiqued by the group. It was my first time being critiqued in this manner and it was unbelievably helpful. Everyone liked the story and commented on something different, bringing three different points of view to show me things about the story that I hadn't seen before. Armed with these new perspectives, I am going to do one last edit and I have a magazine picked out. I plan to send out the story by the time of our next meeting in June.

I am also trying to keep on track with the book editing, paying more attention to this here blog, and writing. I want to find a balance between focusing and completing writing projects, but also working on more than one at a time. I was able to multitask like that in high school and college; it's just a matter of time management. I still plan on adhering to my book editing deadline at the end of the month as well, so this is a good time to ease myself into multiple project territory.

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