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02/29/2008: "#112: Off To Potlatch"

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In a couple of hours, I will head off to Potlatch 17, where I hope to meet a bunch of fellow sci-fi writers and get invaluable tips on how to get published. I am tempering my expectations a little bit after my previous experience at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention I attended in 2006. It was my first SF convention believe it or not, and I assumed that it would be a nerd social mixer in a nerd-friendly environment, but after the day's programs ended, the attendees retired to their rooms. I didn't mind because I got to drink all night in the hotel bar with several writers and actors from the new series of Doctor Who, most of whom were Whovians themselves! While it was not included in the price of admission, it was by far the best part of the weekend for me. I hope that the folks who attend Potlatch are a little more social!

In other news, I have ultimately decided to not submit an application for the Clarion West writer's workshop. The deadline is tomorrow, and I could whip one up and submit it, but it is not only expensive to attend, but I would have to take a month off of work. It sounds like it would be great, but I am not a rich writer yet and need to keep my steady paycheck coming in. If I do indeed switch careers soon, it wouldn't do to take a month off right after I get a new job. I am going to continue to focus on getting the book published instead.

My friend who is a professional editor is also currently reading the book while on vacation and is really enjoying it, which is really awesome!

I'll tell you all about the convention later on this weekend!

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