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05/19/2007: "Ron Paul Has A Posse"

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On Wednesday, the Republican Party held a debate for the declared Presidential candidates in South Carolina. The big story that has come out of the debates has been Rudy Giuliani taking exception with the remarks of Rep. Ron Paul, who said that the 9-11 attacks were motivated in part by the United States bombing Iraq for 10 years. Here is a clip of the exchange. The crowd at the debate was clearly in favor of Giuliani but for me, it was the first time in...well, ever, that I have heard a major party presidential candidate say something that I believe. For the unpardonable sin of having some common sense, the chairman of the Michigan is circulating a petition to have Ron Paul removed from future debates.

Here is a compilation of Ron Paul's responses at the debate that you might also enjoy. This is a link to Ron Paul's campaign site.

Ron Paul's name does not come up in many mainstream media articles about the Republican presidential nomination. If he keeps on giving answers like that, I can see him becoming the Howard Dean of this campaign but hopefully without the flame-out. When you think about it, Dean's campaign was doing just fine until the mainstream media endlessly replayed the out-of-context clip of him screaming. Does it really matter what Howard Dean had to say in the rest of that speech? Just something to think about if Ron Paul's candidacy catches fire and begins to pose a threat.

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on Monday, May 21st, awiggins said:

After what the republicans have put us through I figure we will not be seeing one near the white house again for a couple terms.

Its a shame because it would be nice to have someone in office who is not shilling for the corporations.

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