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04/27/2007: "Colony Collapse Disorder And You"

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A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article in The Independent about how bees are disappearing and there is no scientific explanation as to why this is happening. The article goes on to claim that cell phones are interfering with the bees' radar. While this sounds remotely plausible, I did not like the scare tactics employed by the article. I found another article from The New York Times that examines other possible causes such as a virus or a mite infestation.

So what is the problem? Well, Colony Collapse Disorder, as this problem is called, is devastating a large amount of bee colonies on the East and West Coasts as well as in Europe. In the course of doing their bee thing, the bees pollinate crops that account for a staggering amount of the food we consume. If the bees don't pollinate the crops, the crops don't grow, and well, there's no food. Colony Collapse Disorder could create huge problems down the road. I will continue to do updates on this issue as I find out about them.

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