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03/08/2007: "A Post A Day...For A Month?"

Music: the Mothers of Invention
Mood: challenging myself

If I look back on my old posts, every few months I post something similar to the post I posted yesterday. Man there's something wrong with the world, something needs to be done, etc. etc. The post ends with me sounding like I'm all fired up, but then the next day...nothing. My readers get all excited about the prospect of regular posting, and new readers who drop in are ready to hear more, and then...nothing. Then I get bummed out that nobody reads this. Ummm...why would I read a blog that gets updated sporadically, if never?

Recently, Miss E introduced me to the music of Jonathan Coulton. While Coulton's music is pretty interesting, I was taken in by his releasing his songs in/for? Creative Commons and his Thing-A-Week project, which he actually completed. Fifty-two new songs. I bet he learned a lot about songwriting that year. Another inspiration has been Katie's webcomic As Seen In Vermont, which she updates every week (Hi, Katie!).

It's all well and good if I want to write more and think there's something wrong with the world and that its really neat that I have my little soapbox out here in the interweb, but if nothing moves forward, I'm just another "false slacker" (as opposed to someone who has true slack). I want to go out fighting, bow out knowing that I tried to and did change things. I want to be cause in the matter of my own life. So here I am, about to do whatever it is I'm going to do. Instead I'm going to just do whatever it is I'm going to do. I'm not scared anymore.

One of the things that I want to do is to challenge the whole concept of non-participation. It has taken an entire generation out of the political process. That is where I shall begin. Where you come in, dear readers, is to hold me acountable to this promise that I have made. See you tomorrow!


on Thursday, March 8th, MD said:

Good to hear you're back. Keep fighting.

on Thursday, March 8th, MD said:

Good to hear you're back. Keep fighting.

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