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02/04/2007: "Nobody's Saving Nuthin'"

Music: Grandpa Bud Swanigan
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One of the newspaper articles that caught my eye this week was this one which says the savings rate in America is the lowest it has been since the Great Depression. It seems that most people are living beyond their means, living check to check to afford modern conveniences. It makes me wonder what will happen when the next big economic downturn comes. How many people will have their houses foreclosed upon and their home theatre systems taken away? This article validates my desire to save as much as I can and reduce my debt as much as possible as soon as possible.

In other news, I had to return my Emerson Nostalgia Audio System. Actually, I returned one the first day because the platter was warped and would not play the records properly. The second one I had for just over a month and was in the middle of playing a record when it stopped. If you spun the platter, it would play but it wasn't revolving at the correct speed and didn't sound right. I took it back to Office Max, who refused to give me my money back as it had been over 14 days, but "did me a favor" by refunding the purchase price as an Office Max "gift card." So instead of having money, I have scrip that I can only spend at the company store. I guess the moral of the story here would be something to the effect of "don't buy stereo eqipment at an office supply store" but it could also be "that whole thing about the customer is always right is total BS."

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on Tuesday, February 6th, MD said:

Bummer!I seem to have a problem with my Crosley player;it eats away my diamond tipped needles like there is no tommorrow. Listening to vinyl can be an expensive habit at 15.99 a pop.


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