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10/04/2005: "Night Moves"

I got home from my new job about 45 minutes ago. I saw the fog-enshrouded hills of Arcata and red ribbons of clouds in the sky above. Sure I spent all night at work, but I got to come home and have a beer- at 7:30 in the morning. Working at night is pretty chill. For the first few hours, almost everyone comes in to buy booze, but we can't sell any from 2:00-6:00 AM, so there are only a handful of customers at that hour. We have various projects to do around the store, but I can do them at my own pace without anyone bothering me. My co-workers are cool and it is a pretty relaxed atmosphere. The police station is also across the street, so we are relatively safe, knock on wood.

This last shift was only my fourth, so my body is still getting used to working nights, if it ever will. The best thing about work is that it is so mellow that I can just come home and forgt about it, which is just what I needed. Now that I have jobs that will employ me for roughly 40 hours a week, I can start concentrating on writing and enjoying my life. Nice.

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