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08/06/2005: "The New Normal Is Being Created Daily"

Music: Church of the Subgenius-"Hour Of Slack #1004"

I am sitting in front of my computer with my Patriots coffee mug. Yesterday, the cable internet was installed here in the apartment, so we don't have to go to the library to check our email. Things are almost back to normal, that is to say, the new normal is being created daily. We have been here in Arcata for almost two weeks, the apartment has been unpacked and has taken shape. I feel like I live here, and it is pretty comfy. We've found where the grocery stores are, hung out with the neighbors. The noise and light pollution I have to put up with has been cut down by over 95%- it is so wonderfully quiet. I am really looking forward to living here in Humboldt County.

I have been looking for gainful employment, with mixed success. I have an interview on Tuesday, and the offer of working the mixing board at a radio station (random hours at minimum wage) if nothing else crops up. For the rest of the weekend, I am just going to relax, check out the local sights, start to write again. I want to enjoy this lull between getting ready to move/moving/finding a place to live/moving in/getting random kitchen items/looking for a job and working once again. Worrying about finding a job and money isn't going to help, it is just a bad habit I have to break.


on Monday, August 8th, awiggins said:

Did the move go off without a hitch? Was it a tearful fairwell with EJ?

on Monday, August 8th, santo26 said:

The move was pretty smooth. I drove an U-Haul 800 miles or so over some nasty mountains and nothing got broken. Laura drove the car. We got a place within 24 hours of arriving, so that part was hitch-free. It was sad leaving EJ but no drama. Waiting for my old landlords to send the freakin' deposit $!!!

on Wednesday, August 10th, awiggins said:

Have you ever had a deposit returned? smile

I would not hold my breath.

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