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What Have I Been Up To? part I

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So when i was last here I was talking about how exciting it was working at night or something. Well, I'm still working at night. What I have to remind myself to do is when anyone asks where I work, say "the library." This is also true, I just do not work there full time. This might just be my probationary period.

A probationary period, I might add, that I almost did not go through. October was pretty much a blur of learning how to do two jobs at once as well as learning how to adjust to working at night. I was dumped by Laura at the beginning of November. I considered going back to LA, and even went so far as to give notice at both my jobs. After I gave my notice, I remembered that before I came here, when I was back in LA, I wished that I could get the library job. Well, I didn't get the "job" that I applied for, but I got "a" job at the library, and I do exactly what the librarians do, but I am part-time. I sit there and I answer people's questions, and they don't notice the difference.

It dawned on me that this was one of those jobs I have always wanted, and I was finally doing it, and I am enjoying it to the point of remembering that I considered going back to school to get an MLIS (Master's in Library and Information Science). I was also saying when I left Boston for LA that I was going to apply to the Master's in Film Archiving Program at UCLA (a joint venture between the UCLA Film and MLIS departments). But when I got to LA I took the job at the Regent because it was offered to me and I had to take a job any job before I ran out of money. I became my job to the detriment of my relationship and completely forgot about myself and what I was doing, thinking that if I did a "good job" they would shower me with accolades. I didn't expect to take flak from all sides and basically make all the mistakes a new manager can make. Now I am on the other side again and now somebody is telling me with a straight face that they can't give me any more hours.

But its all worth it right? So for the time being I am having waking nightmares working the graveyard shi(f)t, but during the day I am getting verrry valuable job experience. And for the time being, I see real live redwood trees when I open the door, but that'll probably happen wherever I move to around here- and I am moving someplace else, and very soon, but I don't know when. How's that for instability?

I should not get up and move if something like this happens. I am going to try and make it here on my own for awhile while I study for the GREs and apply to grad schools. I also should use this website more. I think I might stop with the personal stuff and maybe start political bloggin' on my own. I have a lot to say and I am pretty cranky right now so maybe this is the perfect time to rev up the machine.

Tell ya what- be here for the next exciting chapter when santo26 tells you what he thinks about "our current situation with that camel-fucker in Iraq." Are you ready, Donny?

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