Monday, October 3rd

A Better Late Than Never Post About the Seattle Drupal Clinic 9/24/11

On Saturday, 9/24/11, I spent the day at the Seattle Drupal Clinic, which was put on by the Seattle Drupal Users Group, aka SeaDUG. For $20, I got an 8-hour crash course on how to install Drupal and how to use the basic building blocks in order to create a website. If you needed some amusement, here's a link to the site that I made for the Drupal Clinic. It is pretty shabby right now, but I plan to keep on hacking away at it until I get some decent chops and am able to start using it to make my own sites.

I know it is a pretty belated thank you, but I wanted to thank everyone at SeaDUG for putting on the clinic. It was just what I needed to really get going. I really appreciate that these folks were willing to sacrifice what was one of the last sorty sunny Seattle summer Saturdays to spend 8 hours teaching a bunch of folks about Drupal. It was quite obvious how much all of these folks knew about the subject, and they were all very patient with all of my incessant questions. I hope to attend one of their SeaDUG meetings soon, and maybe once I know something, I can help out at one of the future clinics!

I'm also starting to take over the maintenance of the website at work, but that is in WordPress. If I can get proficient in WordPress as well, then Hello World!

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