Tuesday, October 23rd

Post #100

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So here it is. Post #100. Wicked. It only took 3 years. Instead of coming up with some pronouncement about the larger meaning of this occasion, I have decided to go with a simple message: GO SOX!!!

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Saturday, October 20th

iPod VS. Walkman

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The other day I went to the local thrift store down the street. I don't know what it is about Seattle, but the thrift stores are always jumpin', and not just with the down and out who need a new pair of shoes but with people who could totally pay for stuff at the mall. I needed an egg cup, a DVD player, and a sweater, so I figured these might be the kinds of items you would find at a thrift shop.

I found an egg cup and a nice sweater but there were no DVD players in sight. Lots of VCRs, though. In the electronics section, I saw a flash of yellow. It was a Sony Sports Walkman, it still had the piece of Styrofoam in it to protect the tape head, and it was only $3.99. I lost/think someone stole my iPod when I was camping late this summer. Since I received the iPod as a prize at work back in 2005, I had no idea how much they really cost. It turns out that they cost a lot more then I am willing to spend at the current time despite the technological awesomeness of having all the music you own fitting into something way smaller than a Sony Sports Walkman.

When I was in high school I NEEDED a Walkman because how else was I going to listen to music while I was stuck on the T for at least 2 hours a day? I'm going back to Boston for Thanksgiving and I have considered throwing down for an iPod because I WANT something to listen to while I'm on the plane (and the T so I can get back to Watertown from Logan). I found the answer to my prayers in a thrift store in the form of an electronic gizmo that I could purchase almost new at a fraction of its cost back in the early '90s. It's a bit bulkier but I still have a lot of tapes since I have a tape player in my car and I grew up in the late 80s- early 90s when the tape was the format. I have a CD/tape boombox here in Seattle, and I can make some choice recordings and a few mixtapes for the plane ride, and when I get back to my parent's, I can dig through my old tape collection and find some gems to take back with me. In the meantime, I could also take it running and to the gym!

Coming soon to this space: Thoughts on the lost art of the mixtape...

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