Wednesday, April 27th

Brian's Magic Beans & How They Work

Music: two electric fans doing their jobs
Mood: trying to feel like I have done something
I had a long day at work yesterday. In the morning Laura went out on the porch and picked a ripe little marvel pea from one of the two plants that have been growing in the clay pot called "Brian's Magic Beans." The pea was intended to be eaten for breakfast, but I put it in my pocket and it came to work with me. The "magic bean" sat on the desk and its presence reminded me that instead of coming home from work and ruining my downtime by thinking about it, I can do things that contribute to my well- being.

In that vein, I just posted an article on The Athenaeum.
santo26 on 04.27.05 @ 03:19 PM PST [link] [1 Comment]

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